Jessica (bloodyheartless) wrote in pet_advice,

How To End Cat vs. Kitten

Hello everyone. I'm twenty and I'm living with my father and 90 year old grandmother. This is relevant, I swear. Heh. I recently adopted a six month old cat, Lilly, from the local animal shelter, and she's been an angel. I was worried that she'd meow at night and keep us awake, but she hasn't. We just got Lilly spayed yesterday. I'm not sure if that plays a part in her behavioural issues or not, but I doubt it. Today I got another kitten for my grandmother who's 15 year old cat companion recently passed away from kidney failure. Lilly was in the room when I handed my grandmother her new kitten, and Lilly was instantly unhappy. I had to leave again, but when I came home, I found that my grandmother had to shut her kitten up on the closed-in porch because Lilly was trying to kill the kitten! Afterwards, Lilly was hissing and spitting at my grandmother! A few hours later we tried again. Lilly was still upset and wanting to eliminate the kitten and she'll hiss and attempt to attack anyone who has comes near her afterwards. We don't know what to do. None of us want to get rid of Lilly, but we're not getting rid of the new kitten, either, and we can't just let Lilly eat the kitten.

We've also got an older cat, but he's a master at staying out of things he wants nothing to do with, so he's not a problem. Lilly and him get along fine. It's just the kitten she doesn't like. I would really appreciate any advice anyone has.
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