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Not Your Bitch

For the cat owners: Litter box and litter recomendations

For those cat owners who are in the market for an amazing automatic litter box, i have your answer. I recently purchased the
litter robot and i am in love! It is by far the best automatic box out there. And for $300 it better be! I've only had it about a week but I'm extremely satisfied. I live in a small apartment and unfortunately the only place we have to put the box is behind the couch in the living room. I was pretty tired of scooping the box all the time and coming home to an apartment smelling like stink, so this was my answer. I can tell you without a doubt that it totally eliminates the litter box smell. Since i typically sit about three feet from the box i can easily tell when its been used and it smells, and with the litter robot that problem is completely gone. The waste drawer seals smells in and the litter robot does a great job of scooping away all the waste. I haven't had any problems with any waste not going in the drawer after the bot rotates. The bot works really well even with cheaper and natural litters that don't clump as well. My cat took to the bot really well, but he is very flexible and has never had any issues with his box or litter. He's also a big boy at 18lbs (and on a diet!). The bot is only recommended for cats 7-15lbs but my cat has no issues fitting inside the box. It would be great if they made a bigger size, but it still works just as well.

If you're also in the market for a good natural cat litter i recomend litter purrfect. I buy it at Costco for super cheap about $6 a container, and it clumps really well, especially in the litter robot.
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